cyber|glow at the Broms Palace

public interactive audiovisual installation
by re|thread
Erik Natanael Gustafsson, Thomas Durieux, Jonathan Ramirez Mendoza and Benoit Baudry

cyber|glow is an audiovisual interactive installation. Through particle system visualisations and a tactile sonification, cyber|glow reveals the intangible layers of code and data that run a custom Broms palace themed quiz game.

This instance of cyber|glow was presented at the Broms Palace, the residence of the French Ambassador to Sweden, and was part of the Kulturnatt Stockholm progamme for 2022. Around 900 people came to visit the installation during the 6 hours of the palace being open to the public.


cyber|glow was designed and developed by the software art collective: Erik Natanael Gustafsson, Thomas Durieux, Jonathan Ramirez Mendoza, and Benoit Baudry. For this installation, the re|thread collective features Séverine Feuermann advising about the history and art at the Résidence de France.

cyber|glow at Kulturnatt was supported by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems, Software and AI Program (WASP), and the Institut Français de Suède.