by re|thread

Public installation - Internet traffic to and from Stockholm

RFC:675:08 is a visual installation at the intersection of science and art for the Nobel Week of Lights. The installation unveils the intangible, high-frequency Internet traffic going in and out of Stockholm, in real-time.

Presented at Nobel Week of Lights 2020

Browser Chance Music

by re|thread

Audiovisual installation - Sonification and visualisation of real time internet traffic

Browser Chance Music (BCM) creates a space for a radically different relationship between user and software. Activating this audiovisual system with your own smartphone gives a sonic and visual presence to the evanescent and imperceptible internet activity that emanates from an object which is often quite personal, but largely unknown. Defamiliarizing the smartphone and revealing the aesthetics of its operation opens the doors to a new relationship with our constant companion.

Presented at Visualia 2020

re|Traces of Search

by re|thread

The software art installation ’re|Traces of Search’ probes human-software relationships by examining in detail a specific and situated action: searching on the web.

Human web actions and the software activity they trigger are superimposed in this tactile interactive audiovisual software art installation.

Presented at DIS 2020: More than Human Centered


commissioned by KAC i Rosa Huset

Brytpunkt treats the crossing of worlds, their coalescence and separation, and finding something where nothing was.

Using purely synthesised computer-generated sounds and visuals it explores the superimposition and sepration of different layers of reality. Point clouds shaped by a Lorenz system, depth of field simulations and images of faces let different kinds of breaking points unfold as fragments in space.