Composer, arranger, musician

Instrumental music

Sound worlds, imperceptible transitions and sudden breaks, sweet melodies to a folky pulse. Erik writes music for ensembles of all sizes, from solo pieces to the symphonic orchestra. As a violist he has experienced both sides of the page of music and was also a busy singer in the chamber choirs of the Music Academies in Malmö and Gothenburg.

Electronic music

Digital interfaces, sound synthesis, interaction. With the amazingly powerful and expressive programming language and sound environment SuperCollider, Erik builds his own tools for an interactive electronic music coming from acoustic art music. The music happens on stage, in your living room or on the Internet.

Film music

The ability of film music in collaboration with picture and acting to evoke strong feelings in the audience is an amazing opportunity for a composer. The film becomes a Gesamtkunstwerk where artists from many fields unite in a single work. Erik has written the music for several shorts, among them Efterklang (directed by Jimi Vall Peterson) for which Erik received an award for Best Original Music at Novemberfestivalen 2016.

Folk Music

Folk music, Swedish folk music in particular, has always had a place in Erik's life. He plays the viola, the fiddle, the piano, the low whistle, the octarion and sings in Rosentre.