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About a year and a half ago, the first prototype of my microtonal musical instrument, the neod, reached playability. Since then, I have been exploring it and the 53edo system of pitch it is based on through new compositions, recorded music and live concerts. After a summer of recording and gigging, I will once again turn my focus towards realising the next neod, neod.2, so a sort of evaluation is in order.

When writing music in a microtonal system, one immediate concern is that of notation. Equal divisions of the octave can be written with just the step number (aka degree), often written degree backslash division, e.g. 9\53 for the 9th step of 53edo, or using the degree sign, e.g. 9°53.

Two years ago, 53 was only a number to me. Then I built myself a new friend that let me speak to Jing Fang, Newton and Bosanquet: the neod.