Torn between computer screens and musical instruments I asked my parents for a book on C++ programming at the age of 10. Spending many nights reading this blue brick, however, was not enough to dissuade me from the musical path, keeping coding as a passion. Now through building, programming and playing my own digital musical/audiovisual instruments, I get to merge a fragile acoustic musicianship with the fantastic digital world.

Since 2016 I have built several digital musical instruments, written and produced music for short films (for which I received a prize for Best Original Music) and regularly perform as a solo violist and in ensembles. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Composition from the University of Gothenburg and has recently received my Master of Arts with First Class Honours in Art and Technology from the University of Limerick.

I am investigating the use of fragility as a metaphor to guide all aspects of an audiovisual live performance from interface to sounds and visuals all the way to their presentation on stage.

Since October 2019 I am working as a Research Engineer in Software Art at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) together with the rest of the team.

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