(eng: Elsewhere)
for percussion and live electronics.
Frail sounds move from one place to another, spaces collide, the universe takes a deep breath.


In order to bring DMIs and the possibilities of digital sound generation into the performance of art music I needed an interface...


ergia extends the viola with digital sounds through analysis of the sounds produced. A new magical world of sound is opened by other sounds, whispers flow through, some of the viola passes into the other realm.

On a Waterfall Canvas

The constant flow gets interrupted, broken apart, made fragile. A slow progression through a repeating transposing chordal structure gives space for light to sound through.

Artist statement

I always wanted to wield magic, uncover hidden wonders, explore the unknowns. Not the magic of demons and devils, but the magic of oneness with nature, of a higher spiritual state, our meeting with the world outside our minds and an infinite respect for it. The magic that happens where the concealed shines through and reveals everything as holy. The magic inside our minds.

Through fragile and sensitive sounds in an exploration of intricate and sensitive systems, I create conditions that allow for an experience of magic in the world. Symbiosis between old and new, acoustic and digital, music and the spoken voice.

The art I make aims to be a reminder of how breathtaking the world is, everyone and everything in it, and the magnitude of our responsibility for it.

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