Erik Natanael

musician | composer | new media artist

~ physical and virtual
~ sounds and visuals
~ architectural code and live performance

current interests include digital musical instruments, sound synthesis programming, fragile poetic expression, the Rust programming language, musical temperaments and tunings, especially 53-edo, early music and Swedish traditional music

Events and news

14 December 2021
BCM: Listen to your digital life, live at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm.
9 December 2021
ci-poetry, audiovisual installation, EECS Winter Conference, Stockholm.
4-12 December 2021
cyber|glow , a public light installation visualising its own software infrastructure with laser, Benny Fredrikssons torg, Stockholm. Part of the Nobel Week Lights.
15 October 2021
BCM: Listen to your digital life , live at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm.
9 September 2021
Drift online exhibition opening. Drift visualises the constant evolution of the web.
30 August 2021
Release of neod.1.anortosit , a sound diary over the first 8 months of the neod's existance.
27 May 2021
Annanstans for percussion and live electronics played at Elias Gustafsson's master's concert
23 Mars 2021
Interviewed in P2 on the neod musical instrument
5 - 13 December 2020
RFC:675:08, public live graphics work by re|thread visualising Internet data on display in central Stockholm as part of Nobel Week of Lights. More info...
26 - 30 October 2020
Exhibiting the Pellow interactive browser art installation with re|thread at Tekniska Museet, Stockholm. More info...
9 - 11 October 2020
Backend technical work for collettivo_21 for the Incò_ntemporanea contemporary music festival.
11 - 12 September 2020
Browser Chance Music, an audiovisual installation based on the network traffic of visitors' devices, was exhibited at Visualia, an AV event organised by NAVA.
6 - 20 July 2020
re|Traces of Search was exhibited at DIS 2020.
22 April 2020
re|thread online exhibition on browser fingerprinting consisting of artworks based on the browser fingerprints of the visitors.